Black Top Solutions

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Reliable Paving & Coating Company

Black Top Solutions is a Thurston County based paving company that has been in business for many years. We employ local, hardworking individuals and have numerous crews. Your new paving or repairs will be carried out by professional Black Top Solutions staff (not sub-contractors). We specialize in everything asphalt! You name it, we do it.

Black Top Solutions delivers top-quality paving solutions with a professional workforce and excellent rates. Our crews provide paving and coating services in Thurston County and surrounding areas. Whether you need a parking lot, road or street, sidewalks, jogging trails, driveways, or any other paved surface, we will deliver an affordable top-quality paving and coating solution.

As a trusted company in the industry, we understand the challenges of properly maintaining your pavement surfaces, and we can help you determine the best possible solution for your needs. We also specialize in maintenance to keep our clients’ pavement surfaces aesthetically pleasing, functional, and safe. When you have a need for our services, a professional estimator would be happy to survey your site and provide a free quote that meets your needs and budget.